Guardian Angel tattoo design

Guardian Angel tattoo design

Here are my Guardian Angel tattoo designs. The pose of the angel is meant to signify the rise of the human spirit to better things. Also looking up to better ways of life. It also has it’s wings out stretched to signify the guardian nature of the angelic symbol. Embracing and enveloping the soul it guards. Angels also can be symbols of our higher selves not as separate beings as they some times are portrayed. Much like how our subconscious guides and protects our conscious.

Shaded version of the Guardian Angel Tattoo Design


angel tattoo design
angel tattoo design



Guardian angel tattoo design outline or stencil

angel tattoo picture outline
angel tattoo picture outline

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More info about different types of angel quoting for this site:
Angels in Christianity:
Angels were embraced by Christianity like no religion before it, Throughout the Bible we find it repeatedly implied that each individual soul has its tutelary angel. Thus Abraham, when sending his steward to seek a wife for Isaac, says: “He will send His angel before thee” (Genesis 24:7). The words of the ninetieth Psalm which the devil quoted to our Lord (Matt., iv, 6) are well known, and Judith accounts for her heroic deed by saying: “As the Lord liveth, His angel hath been my keeper” (xiii, 20). These passages and many like them (Gen., xvi, 6-32; Osee, xii, 4; III K., xix, 5; Acts, xii, 7; Ps., xxxiii, 8), though they will not of themselves demonstrate the doctrine that every individual has his appointed guardian angel, receive their complement in our Saviour’s words: “See that you despise not on of these little ones; for I say to you that their angels in Heaven always see the face of My Father Who is in Heaven” (Matt, xviii, 10).


Angels in the Buddhism:The Buddhist equivalent of angels is devas, or celestial beings. Some schools of Buddhism also refer to dharmapalas or dharma protectors. In Tibetan Buddhism, for instance, devas are sometimes considered to be emanations of bodhisattvas or enlightened beings. Different schools of Buddhism have different important devas, as they are often derived from pre-Buddhist cultures and religions and not from Buddhist philosophy.
Devas are spiritual beings by nature–their form is usually described as bodies or emanations of light or energy. They are, however, often depicted in physical form, and there are many images of devas or dharmapalas, particularly in Tibetan Buddhist iconography.
for More info about different types of angel go to this site (info quoted above is from this website)

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