Healing Dragon Tattoo Picture

Healing Dragon Tattoo Picture

I had an idea to do a healing design based on the powerful symbol of the spiral and from that spiral came this healing  Dragon tattoo picture. You can see the spiral as the main feature in the Dragons horns, I wanted this to be the main focus of the design but the dragon has grow around them so the are not so prominent as they originally were. There are several aspects of the dragon that relate to healing, also I like drawing tattoo designs that are popular symbols but with a bit of difference to them. So that designs are not unique they are definitely original and very much my style of dragon tattoo picture.  If the concept of healing using symbols is new to you let me explain it this way.  You can see someone smile and it will effect the chemicals being released in your body the same way someones body language can effect the way you feel without any words being expressed. These are similar to how symbols can effect your subconscious to make changes within you that can activate your healing systems. The spiral is definitely one of those symbol and shows up in this function across many cultures. I’m over simplifying there are also much deeper actions related to these symbols but hopefully this will communicate my experiences and reason for creating this dragon picture.

dragon tattoo picture
Dragon tattoo picture

The Dragon tattoo picture also contains a very powerful Reiki symbol, for those familiar with Reiki and those who are attuned to the Reiki energies you will spot it easily, I have given Reiki to this image with the intention that it will pass onto all who look at the image and anyone who gets it as a tattoo.

tattoo of healing dragon Reiki
tattoo of healing dragon Reiki

In this collection of dragon designs I have includes a couple of color variations for you. The Colors used are very relevant to the purpose of the design. The white for the healing white light. The Purple as this is associated with healing and Reiki. The yellow for the golden yellow light often mentioned in association with healing as well.

healing dragon tattoo
Healing dragon tattoo picture


The lightening type symbols in the horns are symbolic of the power of healing flowing through the spiral and to the recipient of the healing. The six arms representing the six sided structure at seems to be at the base of many healing traditions, Crystals and crystal  healing to name but one.

healing dragon outline stencil
healing dragon outline stencil

 As always to make it as easy as I can for you to get this Dragon tattooed on you. I have included a outline stencil that you can print off and get tattooed on you at your local tattooist.

Thanks for checking out my designs and hope you find it as healing as I have intended it to be. please email me a picture if you get this tattooed on you I would love to see it.


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