Tattoos Cross Designs Free Flash

Tattoos Cross Designs Free Flash

I think I may have gotten bit by the Cross tattoo bug. following up on the last set of cross designs here is the next lot.
This Tattoos Cross Designs Free Flash post is a square based cross design with spikes to add a bit of extra pow to the design (yes, OK I said Pow it a bit old school batman of me I know). So as with most of my free flash designs I have done the usual variations one with color one greywash and a shadow and without shadow versions of the cross  tattoo design. I have also done one with a blue spirit fire surround or holy fire or holy spirit depending on how you look at it. This symbolizes the spirit inside the cross design or the ideas that it stands for. The ideals in my mind being sacrifice and love.



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Contact me if you would like a copy of the outline stencil for this design.

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