Celtic or Pagan Cross tattoo picture

Celtic or Pagan Cross tattoo picture

After my Tree Dragon design I had the urge to do another design with a tree as the basis and this idea came to me. The Celtic or Pagan Cross tattoo design is based on the Celtic Cross or sometime called the pagan cross if it doesn’t have the bit down the bottom. Crosses seem to be a popular tattoo choice and the Celtic on defiantly seems to be at the top of the list. so I wanted to do something a bit different. It also blends the nature spirit or the ideas of the Eco friendliness into the older natural ideas of the Celtic and pagan and worlds I have uploaded a color version and one with a background color I liked with the tattoo design.  Also I have uploaded a greywash version of the Cross tattoo design. Enjoy.

Celtic / Pagan Cross greywash or shaded version.


Celtic cross tattoo
Celtic cross tattoo

Tree Cross Tattoo design Colored


tree cross design
tree cross tattoo design

Pagan tree Cross tattoo with purple background

pagan tree cross tattoo
pagan tree cross tattoo

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Here are some of my other cross tattoo designs.

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Cross tattoo Black Pearl

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Purple Cross

Cross tattoo 

Square Cross




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