Earth Moon Dance Sacred Geometry Tattoo Design

Earth Moon Dance Sacred Geometry Tattoo Design

This Design is showing the relation ship in proportion of the Earth and the Moon, in the design from the square using the starcut diagram the proportions on the moon can be revealed with a compass and straight edge, No measuring required, every square has the proportions of the moon hidden in its depth. I have then added my own inspiration around the design which I now call the Earth and Moon dance.

The design also has the Squaring of the Circle and the Vesica Piscis wrapped in the lines of the image but we shall save that for another day. This design is not computer generated and drawn by hand to give it a more natural feel.

Please feel free to use this as your own personal Tattoo if you like. But any other use please contact me for permission to use the design.


Earth and Moon eight Dance Squaring the Circle
Earth and Moon eight Dance Squaring the Circle


I have release the full version of this coloring Sacred Geometry mandala. Enjoy this mandala at what ever size you want to color it.

Product details for the Earth and moon dance sacred geometry mandala.
Download and print the full version of this design, Earth and Moon dance Coloring Mandala

Earth and moon Dance Sacred geometry

In each of the designs lies a geometric symbolic message to help create peace and understanding as you co-create with me and colour. Also the act of creating art is such a wonderful form of meditation with the added trans formative power of sacred geometric forms just think of all the fun and peace you can find in these images.

You can buy it right now online through the full sacred geometry design as a downloadable PDF that will print well up to A2 paper size so you coloring this and make it into a poster.
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